VIDEO: Interview with Pebble watch founder Eric Migicovsky – the brain behind the $10 million Kickstarter!

I was recently lucky enough to get a few minutes to chat with Eric Migicovsky (pictured, right), the brains behind the Pebble Smart Watch the $10 million dollar Kickstarter that everyone is talking about.

Eric Migicovsky Want to know all about the features of the watch? How Eric and his team were able to pull all this off? Why it took so long for an iPhone smart watch to come to market? Eric answers these questions and more.

And stay tuned: in a second, follow-up interview, we get into the nitty gritty details of the Kickstarter process and Eric gives you his top tips for what it takes to successfully crowdfund a project!

Smart Everything: How a Digital World Makes Life Better For All

David Egger is Lead Marketing Manager for AT&T’s IRU (Individual Responsibility User) Mobility Programs. You can find more blog content from David and other experts on emerging technologies and mobile application on the AT&T Networking Exchange Blog. AT&T has sponsored the following blog post.

I love a good entrepreneurial idea, so I regularly spend time at Kickstarter, looking at projects that could be a whole new Fortune 500, or just something really cool I want for my bike. But one project really got me thinking about the future of technology within our products… and I’m not talking about products we usually associate with technology. Twine aims to provide a simple set of sensors with a WiFi connection in a 2.5” package to enable you to make various parts of your life smarter.

Twine aims to include a temperature sensor and accelerometer, but would also like to include a magnetic switch, moisture sensor and a breakout board to connect future sensors and provide wired power. It’s amazing to think such a small package could have so many sensors and allow for so much hardware intelligence, but remember that your smartphone has most of these, along with a big screen, powerful CPU and wireless radios.

These kind of miniaturized, low-power, low-cost sensors will enable a new gold rush of smart devices.  Read More