Oops! Looks like the Samsung Nexus Prime is out the in the wild!

As we close out a long and eventful week, one last little tech tease to keep you busy this weekend. While the public hasn’t been able to play with a phone running Google’s long-coming Ice Cream Sandwich version of their Android operating system—the combination of their Honeycomb tablet operating system with their previous work on Gingerbread for cell phones—it seems that the first phone running Android 4.0 has somehow slipped through the cracks. Mobilissimo has a hands-on video on their YouTube channel today, and you can see a lot of the new animations and features we’ve long been expecting finally running on a phone. Say goodbye to those stupid buttons you’re always accidentally hitting on your Android device, and say hello to navigating your smartphone via the touchscreen interface. This looks cool, and we obviously can’t wait to play with one ourselves!