TODAY show’s Al Roker and Mario Armstrong discuss how the 2012 Olympics are going Social—Social Media, that is!

It’s not enough that the 2012 Olympics simply have a social media presence. This time, social media is set to “revolutionize the way we watch the Olympics” says TODAY show host Al Roker. “These games are being called the most social games ever,” adds Roker. Want to know more? Al Roker brings in Mario Armstrong, TODAY’s Digital Lifestyle Contributor to discuss the different ways these games are going social!

Get Ready for the 2012 Olympics in London! All of the websites you need to know about, plus toys, books and more!

The 2012 Olympics in London are almost here! With the opening ceremony this Friday, July 27th, this week is your last chance to make completely sure you’re prepared! This morning I appeared on the TODAY show to discuss the hottest websites you’ll need to follow to make sure you’re up to date, as well as some of the coolest video games, toys, iPhone accessories, books and even clothes you’ll want to make sure you have before the games begin! Read More

VIDEO: Is your e-reader tracking you? I take a look w/ Matt Lauer on TODAY

A recent article by Alexandra Alter in the Wall Street Journal revealed that your Kindle, Nook, Kobo or other eBook reader is tracking quite a bit about your reading habits. From the passages you highlight, how much time it takes you to finish a book, and whether or not you immediately start to read the next book in a series, eReaders are giving eBook retailers and book publishers unprecedented amounts of information about your reading habits. On the TODAY show, I talk with Matt Lauer about what’s being tracked, what it means, and what you can do about it.

Malware Monday: Will a Virus Crash Your Computer?

On the TODAY show I take a look at the vicious DNS Changer malware which has been spreading recently. Are you infected? What do you need to do if you are? Check out the video above to learn more, and then hit the links below to see if you’re safe.

Here’s my complete guide to DNS Changer malware removal.

Here are the links I mention on TODAY: is the website where you can check to see if you’re infected.
Kaspersky Labs TDSSKiller is a download that will scan your computer and fix the problem if detected.

Matt Lauer JOKES Mario Armstrong LIVE on the TODAY Show

I made a huge mistake this morning on the TODAY show and I said that Siri is on the New iPad. Unfortunately, it isn’t—the feature I was thinking of is the new voice dictation software that allows you to talk to your iPad and have it enter any text you speak. I was also thinking about how Apples iOS 5.1 version adds Japanese language support and that’s why I said “Konichiwa” :-)

Unfortunately, Matt Lauer and the crew has a strict one-strike-and-you’re-out policy, and Matt jokingly “fired” me from the TODAY show! Check out the clip below. UPDATE: Mario fights back!!! Not ready to give up his job quite yet, Mario is taking to Twitter and fighting back! Check out the latest updates on the TODAY show blog, allDAY.

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Mario Armstrong Sitting Down with Al, Matt, Ann and Natalie Talking about the New iPad

This morning I sat down with Al Roker, Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Natalie Morales to talk about the new iPad on the TODAY show. In general I gotta say, I thought I did a great job. I went over all the features and explained why the new iPad is such a big deal.

Unfortunately, I also made a huge mistake. I said that Siri is on the new iPad. It isn’t—the feature I was thinking of voice dictation, which transcribes your voice and enters it as text. Usually the TODAY show is pretty cool, but Matt wasn’t too happy about the mistake and “fired” me from the show. But don’t worry, I’m fighting back everyone!! ;)

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8 Ways Tech Can Help You Save

I know this video is getting overshadowed by Matt “firing” me from the TODAY show, but I did a great segment this morning that wasn’t iPad related!

Matt and I were able to talk about ways to get organized an save money. Here’s some of the products and apps I mention, or you can just hit the video below.

Neat Receipts. Helps you scan your receipts from your smartphone or computer to digitize and organize them.
ShopSavvy. This is one of my all-time favorite apps, because it lets you scan barcodes in-store and see if you can find that item at a lower price somewhere else.
GroceryIQ. This is a great website as well as an app that helps you keep track of your grocery spending but also syncs to your wife’s or family’s grocery shopping lists and automatically crosses items off their lists that you pick up! Bill shrink helps you lower your bills by comparing credit card interest rates, wireless bills, cable service, and help you pick the best plan to save the most money for your usage! Manage all of your your finances in one place! Put your mortgage info, banking and savings, credit cards. Set budgets that automatically monitor your spending, and then check your budget from your phone. Gas Buddy uses thousands of reports from all over the country to help you find the cheapest gas. This website helps you find people to carpool with. How cool is that!
Relay Rides. This is a unique service that let’s you lend your car to total strangers and get paid for it! Make up to $3000 a year renting your own car!

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