Saving News Articles to Read Later with NewsRack [Appsauce]

As someone who uses their iPad primarily to keep on top of breaking news, trends, and analysis, there is no App that I’m spending more time with than NewsRack. It’s an RSS (really simple syndication) reader that allows you to keep track of updates from your favorite websites without having to visit individual sites.It synchs with an existing Google Reader account and has full integration with other apps and services allowing you to share stories through Google Reader, email, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, etc.

I’ve got over 100+ subscriptions to feeds covering business, startups, entrepreneurship, technology, the media industry, culture, social media, and my neighborhood. Sure, Google has developed an optimized version of the Google Reader site for the iPad, but this app allows me to synch my articles and read them even when I don’t have an internet connection. It’s not a perfect app. Sometimes it does not appear to synch 100% accurately with Google Reader leaving articles that have been removed from Google on NewsRack. In comparison to Reeder, another RSS app that will be covered in the future, it downloads rather sluggishly. However, NewsRack provides a simple, clean layout that makes it easy to organize and scan large amounts of subscriptions. It’s especially ideal for an early morning commuter without access to a cellular or wifi signal on their iPad.

As of this moment, this is my favorite app for handling RSS. What’s yours?

Download app: NewsRack at iTunes Store

Available on: iPad, iPhone

Cost: $4.99