Evernote Updates its Android App

Staying on my Evernote kick, Android users will be happy to know that Evernote updated its Android app with some cool new features to keep you connected to all of your important stuff.

In addition to a bunch of bug fixes…

– Fixed a problem that kept an edited note from updating properly
– Fixed a problem that removed intentional white space within notes
– Added higher resolution iconography (Android 2.1 and later)
– Placed the Save button onscreen on the audio notes screen
– Fixed a problem that kept the app from loading tags properly

…Instead of opening the Evernote app on your Android smartphone, you now can add an Evernote widget to your home screen to quickly browse through your stuff without opening up the app first.

Another feature is pinch and zoom support. So now you have more control over how you view your stuff in Evernote. No longer do you have to be subjected to the pre-determined views by just clicking on “zoom”.

Finally, any Android app that has a Sharing or “send to” option will list Evernote as one of the options. So if you want to save a website or a tweet for later, you can now “Share via Evernote” and send the content to your account…all without even opening up Evernote, or sending tons of emails with the content attached to my Evernote account (my current process since I am using a BlackBerry).

*Shakes fist at Evernote for BlackBerry app*

So if you are a heavy Evernote user, or need one place to store/access your info, and recently jumped on the Android smartphone bandwagon (for good reason) this is an update you should check-out