Run a Presentation From ANY Mobile Device with MightyMeeting

“No laptop? No problem” is the first thing you notice when going to MightyMeeting’s website. The app/service does just that – Allows you to present from a mobile device without the need for a desktop or laptop.

The way it works is by uploading PowerPoint presentations to your MightMeeting (MM for short) account. Then via the MM app on your mobile device, you can create a meeting from any of the presentations you uploaded, and invite people to view the presentation regardless of what device they are using. So essentially, using your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device, you can run a presentation directly from your smartphone while people can view the presentation on their smartphone. As the presenter moves from slide to slide via his/her mobile device, so will the slides on the display of the people viewing the presentation.

Now you can still run a presentation using the MM web app and viewers can still view the presentation via laptops or desktops, but where is the fun in that? (We are talking about small business mobility right?)

It’s that simple. Primarily, you would create a link to share the presentation via email, but MightMeeting also allows you to share via the popular social media networks as well (Twitter & FaceBook). So if you have connections via social media networks only, you can get them in on the action as well (tip: use those hashtags!)

MM is working on the ability to brand your meetings with custom UI skins. Right now, there are only three themes: default, Apple & Facebook. But check with MM to find out when they will release complete UI customization.

MM has updated their features to now include VOIP calling so you it can eventually compete directly with other well known online meeting/conferencing services like WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc. Via the MM web app, you can give viewer the option to “call in” to your active meeting. As I write this the MM the VOIP-enabled application for iPhone users should be on Apple’s desk waiting for approval, with the Android app soon to follow. Until then, you can just doll out your smartphone number to accompany your meeting room information, or get creative and use MM in conjunction with Google Voice or Skype Mobile.

The only gripes I have with MM is the fact that right now, only powerpoint files are accepted (pdf’s are good too). So for you Keynote fans, you will have to convert to either PowerPoint or make a PDF before you can upload to MM.

If you are a on-the-go business person, entrepreneur, or professional and need a quick way to do presentation, check out MightyMeeting.

Then visit iTunes to download the iPhone app

Or use your barcode scanner to download the app on your Android:

…Did I mention MightyMeeting is free!