Lock-Down Your Info with My Eyes Only

Good for you if you actually use your device password to lock/access your smartphone. The My Eyes Only (MEO) iPhone password app takes securing your personal and business information a step further with “Government Approved” encrypted information management.

MEO doesn’t just secure your data, it also organizes it in easy-to-manage formats for easy access when you need it. I mean, you take your smartphone everywhere right? Why not use it to access important notes, website passwords, banking/financial and other types of personal data. MEO’s pre-defined screens makes it easy to add and retrieve information the way you see it in real life. MEO’s screens are based upon the actual card images and the important information that is presented on the cards. Based on the type of information you are storing, MEO has a screen that will display it in an easy and customizable screens. Here are the categories with MEO:

– Credit Cards
– Logins, Computer and Web Site
– Financial Accounts
– Identity Cards: Medical, Social Security, Drivers Licenses
– Notes
– Generic “Other” Category

If you’re concerned about security, MEO stores its access password, hint and password recovery and answer in the iPhone OS Key Chain. All that information is encrypted in the Key Chain and can only be accessed by MEO. No other iPhone application can access that information. MEO also encrypts your data via 256 bit AES encryption for the Notes field in Logins, Financial and Other categories and 512 bit AES encryption for small entry fields, like passwords, credit card numbers and Social Security numbers. So if your phone is ever lost or stolen, your information is protected. Backing up your data is as easy as using your WiFi network and Apple’s Bonjour to quickly backup, restore and transfer data to multiple devices.

So if you have all of that information “in your head”, but constantly have to reset your password because you can’t remember, or need one place to organize, manage, and secure, and backup your personal information, check out My Eyes Only iPhone Password Manager. It is attractively priced at $5.99 in the iTunes App Store (iOS 3.0 and up).