Google Docs Gets Mobile Editing Capabilities

Google Docs is a great web application that allows to you to create, save, and share documents with other users and other devices. If you are on the go and needed access to your documents via your mobile device, you can sign into your Google Docs account and have your document available to you.

…But that’s all you could do. Google has decided to step up its game and add read and write capabilities to Google Docs for Android and iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad). So now, if you happen across a typing error in a document or a wrong figure in a spreadsheet and can’t wait until you get back to the office to make the change, you can now tweak you document and still keep to your busy schedule. This is especially helpful if you collaborate with other members of your organization and you need to make “mission-critical” changes (I’ve always wanted to say “mission-critical”) sooner than later.

This also points out another solid feature of Google Docs. Editing documents, whether using a desktop, laptop, OR now a mobile device, can be done in real-time. So users who have access to your document see changes as you make them and you can see their changes within seconds on your mobile device. And added bonus if you are an Android user is that you can use Android’s voice transcription to add text to your document as well. So you can save some time and speak text directly into your document.

Android OS 2.2 “Froyo” users and iOS 3.0 and up devices should start seeing the “edit” button at the upper-left side of a document they are in within the next couple of days. To check out Google Docs on your mobile device, visit