Seesmic Adds Salesforce Chatter for Droid Users

Seesmic, “the only social media tool that you will ever need”, has  announced an update to its popular Android app.  The update includes a UI makeover, Salesforce Chatter integration, and more.

Salesforce Chatter, if you’re unfamiliar, is Salesforce’s enterprise social networking application. Salesforce Chatter allows users to read their Chatter feeds, comment, view groups, contacts, profiles and post updates from the app. Salesforce integration is a great feature for business-savvy social networking users, allowing you to keep your tweets and check-ins focused on the bottom line.  Seesmic also connects your Salesforce and Twitter accounts, cutting down on redundant messaging.

The most powerful thing about aggregators is the ability to get streams from a lot of other social services, like Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn and others all in one place. The folks over at Seesmic knew that Chatter integration was powerful for business users and is now bringing this great feature to Droid users as well.

The most commonly used functions, like compose and refresh, have been moved to a more accessible section dubbed ‘common actions’ located in the top right corner of the screen.  Seesmic has also added auto-complete  and advanced attachment management features, as well as fully threaded twitter conversations and lots of new languages for non-English speakers (Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Korean, and Polish).