Create a Mobile App For Your Business with No Coding with Majoobi

With the Majoobi application platform and HTML5, “developers” can create visually appealing, functionality rich applications that run on different devices – No coding or middle man App Stores required. Since Majoobi is HTML5 based, iPhone & and Android users can visit your app’s url and bookmark your app on their device.

The Majoobi App Builder is an online tool that enables publishers to easily build and customize their applications without any coding. You can use RSS, Photos, Twitter & Facebook feeds, YouTube videos and other sources to stock your website with content in a matter of minutes (make sure the content is yours or you’re approved to use it). With the App Builder template, you can customize your app with colors, fonts, etc. to make it an original app that exemplifies your business in mobile fashion.

With Majoobi, you can create multiple apps and anyone can create an app. You can even submit to an App Store for more exposure, but it is definitely not a requirement. With Majoobi, you can develop and distribute your app on your own terms. Since there is no real download and the app uses HTML5, your visitors will need a data connection to use your app, versus a traditional app can make use of offline content to function. But hey, who uses a smartphone without coverage?

Majoobi also offers detailed analytics and statistical reports that allow you to track and analyze how people use your app. Geo-locations, visitor reports and many others are available to better measure effectiveness and optimize performance.

Majoobi is free to use, but there is a pricing schedule if you want to take your app to the next level with your own domain name for example. This an other features are available if you decide to upgrade, but with the free version, you can be up and running in no time with only minimal “sweat equity” invested.

For those who want to reach out to the “always connected” user that lives on their smartphone but are intimidated by the ideal of app development; Majoobi can get on your business on the radar of mobile users regardless of the device the are using with no coding needed.