Official Hotmail App for Kindle Fire

I am making sure to keep my eyes peeled and ears to the ground on any Kindle Fire apps that help with productivity. For those of you still hanging on to your Hotmail account, Microsoft has adapted the Hotmail app for Android to work on the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Yes, the native Kindle email app can download your email, but the new Hotmail app you can sync all your mail, contacts, folders, and subfolders via the more robust Exchange Active Sync protocol according to the Inside Windows Live Blog. In other words, whatever you’re working on in the Hotmail app (updating contacts, or performing triage on your inbox) gets synced with all your devices attached to your account and online.

Why is this significant? Simply because people who are looking for an inexpensive, but useful tablet can look to the Fire as a viable option. I’m an Apple fan, but everybody may not have the “equipment budget” that I do to spring for an iPad 2 just to be more productive without whipping out a laptop. Apps like Hotmail coming to the Kindle Fire makes it more useful than just buying stuff from Amazon. Of course, a device that further engulfs you into the Amazon ecosystem is a plus for them. At least a trade-off for you is that you can actually get some stuff done while waiting on your flight.

The official Hotmail app is a free download from the Amazon App Store, so check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section.