TripIt 3.0 Update for iOS let’s you see “What’s Next”

I’m a pretty big fan of the TripIt service on the web and for mobile devices. Forwarding travel confirmations to TripIt and having it automagically build my travel itinerary is just flippin’ genius. So I thought I should clue you in on the latest update to the iOS app.

TripIt has updated its travel dashboard to give you a quick outlook on your TripIt account activity & future plans.

– What’s next lets you see your immediate upcoming travel plans

– Trips lets you see all of your trip activity

– Network gives you an idea of what the people you share TripIt info with are doing including letting you know if anyone in your network is currently in your area.

– If you’re a TripIt Pro subscriber, Points lets you keep track of all the rewards information you have synced with your account.

Speaking of TripIt Pro, subscribing to a Pro membership ($3.99) cancels any ads you would see if you were using the free version, gives you travel alerts (changes/cancellations in flight schedule, etc.) and now lets you subscribe to your TripIt calendar right on your iPhone or iPad. I particularly like this because I keep all my calendars separate. Letting me subscribe to my TripIt calendar lets me see my travel schedule without the need to add my TripIt calendar to one of my other calendars.

This is one of those business apps that I can personally vouch for, so check it out and lets us know what you think in the comments section.