Exec Service Aims to Assist Busy Professionals

As Small business owners, we wear many hats in our personal and professional lives. So much so that there are some things that just don’t get done on our “to-do” lists. Doesn’t mean those task aren’t important, or that they will magically get done if we keep pushing them to the bottom of the list either. Exec is a new service originating in San Francisco that provides professional assistants to do a multitude of tasks for a flat-fee of $25/hour.

While that may seem like a lot of dough to a small business owner who is strapped for cash operates on the “lean” philosophy, Exec wants you to trust that a professional assistant (who has been interviewed and back-ground checked, versus somebody just trolling a virtual job board) will handle your requests. “Execs” as they’re called are ready to assist you within 10 minutes of receiving your request. Once an Exec is on the job, you can track their progress in real-time and they only get paid (plus a tip, similar to how Uber, the professional taxi service does) when the job has been completed to you liking.

exec app for iPhone According to their site, Execs are ready to do just about anything you can think of (that you don’t have time to do). So the $25 bucks may be worth the investment if you’re en route to the airport and can’t afford to turn around and pick up your presentation at the office. You can use the free Exec mobile app for iPhone and hire an Exec to swing by the office and scoop up the document while you fiddle with your shoes in the security line.

Again, Exec is new and currently available in San Francisco, but will eventually (hopefully)¬†expand to additional cities as more and more people can see the value in quick, professional assistance when the need it…Maybe that will us time to ignore other fifty-eleven things that need to get done on our to-do lists.

[via: TNW]