Square Register is the best Point of Sale for iPad

Point of sale software on the iPad is nothing new, but it’s definitely worth a second look now that Square has released Square Register, their app for accepting both card and cash payments via your iPad.

The new Square Register should be ideal for a small business owner. Once you sign up for Square, you get a Square “Card Reader”, a little dongle that allows you to swipe credit cards. As long as you have a place to stash your cash, you can also take cash payments with just a tap of your touch screen.

The downside?  Well, as with all credit card transactions, it’s not free; card payments will cost you 2.75% per transaction. Cash payments, however, are free.  Square’s quick and easy sign-up process also makes it easy to get started. This app doesn’t stop once the transaction is complete; it also includes analytical services like sales tracking, customer traffic, and tips – it can even figure out Uncle Sam’s share.  Square also keeps track of what items have been sold and at what price, and can even create loyalty programs for your customers. Receipts can be provided instantly via text or email, and of course good old-fashioned paper receipts are still an option if you’re willing to buy a printer.

This app is the kind of thing that small business owners have been dreaming of for years, lowering the bar once again to get into the retail space.  Is your mobile making it easier for you to compete with larger or more established businesses?  We would love to hear about it in the comments.