Nexus Remote Service Keeps Your Docs in the Cloud

Nexus Remote ServiceDropbox, Box, Microsoft SkyDrive, SugarSync, and Google Drive have been getting all the consumer cloud storage love as of late. The services are uber-popular, but may not be the best option for the enterprise due to the simple fact sensitive documents/files stop being sensitive once they are downloaded onto personal mobile devices. Nexus by ionGrid is a solution that lets users access and modify files from an iPad while they file stay protected by company IT policy.

Nexus is composed of two parts: the server portion and the mobile app for iPad. Nexus Server gives the Nexus app access to any SharePoint documents or Windows file shares. The app acts as a portal to these files, giving the user full access to files via a data connection. According to ionGrid, “The combination of the client and server software gives you access to your work files, even when you’re out on the road, and the best quality, pixel perfect rendering of documents that you can find.” 

The value/add is that the poor IT guys don’t have to worry about what happens to documents once they are downloaded from their servers. With Nexus, the files stay on the server for protection, while the files can be accessed by the user so they can stay productive while not worrying about violating any IT policies.

The service can be used as a free solution called Nexus Connect that gives smaller groups the ability to use the service, or if a single user just wants access to their Windows PC files via their iPad; while for larger corporations can utilize Nexus Enterprise for $15/user per month. Enterprise offers all the infrastructure/deployment technologies those poor IT guys depend on to keep company files safe.

For more information, check out the video and then visit the ionGrid website

…Those poor IT guys