Eventbrite Adds “At The Door” Credit Card Ticket Sales Devices

Eventbrite transaction screen on iPad

Obviously, mobile credit card processing is where it’s at. Case in point, the online event promotions and ticket sales giant (for the rest of us) Eventbrite has announced their mobile “At The Door” devices that let users buy tickets to events, well, at the door.

Eventbrite is a quick, easy, and less expensive way than its more popular competitors *Cough Ticketmaster Cough* to promote and sell tickets to your event online. You can set up an event in minutes, promote your event across social media networks, and track sales numbers and other analytics. At any event, there are people who will ignore all your attempts to get them buy tickets in advance, and will walk up to the door the day of the event and ask “can I still buy tickets?”. 

For those procrastinators spontaneous people, you can now sell tickets using Eventbrite’s mobile credit card reader and receipt printer that connects to an iPad for quick transactions. The credit card reader attaches directly to an iPad and lets accept all major credit cards and charges a flat and competitive 3% per transaction with no transaction fee. The printer wirelessly connects to the iPad so you are not messing around with cords instead of selling tickets. In addition to just ticket sales, you can also create items in the system to sell merchandise as well.

From setting up the event online to selling tickets at the door, by doing it all through Eventbrite, you can:

– Sync data automatically with your Eventbrite account and see on-site sales alongside online sales.

– Collect customer names and emails, and integrate them into your event attendee reports.

– Reconcile all your cash sales at the end of your event without leaving the app.

My only addition would be is if you could use At The Door to electronically “check-in” people who bought tickets in advance for a better headcount and/or for giveaways to attendees.

There is so much going on during an event that the last thing you want to be worried about is “who paid”. With At The Door from Eventbrite, tracking tickets and merchandise sold on the spot is now as easy as setting up an Eventbrite event in the first place. Question is, can At The Door compete with other mobile credit card processing giants like Square, Intuit, and now even PayPal?