First Louis CK, Now Jon Stewart: The State Of The Online-First Video Strategy In 2012

Even Major Media Properties Are Launching New Video Series Online—What’s Your Content Strategy?

The online gold rush today is in video, and if you’re looking to cash in it’s time to get started. Over the last year, YouTube has spent $100 million to help kickstart the careers of its content partners., a streaming video site that spun-off from to let video gamers stream live feeds and interact with fans just raised $15 million to build up its site and services which already reach an estimated 20 million monthly viewers. Mobile video app Socialcam recently sold to Autodesk for $60 million, which should help it reach the ever expanding audience of people who want to create and watch videos on their iPhones or Android devices.

This money isn’t just for the companies hosting these videos—by running ads or seeking sponsorships, video producers are able to monetize their videos on these various platforms. Even Vimeo long known as a great place to share cutting-edge videos in HD but also as a place without intrusive ads—is now allowing its content producers to accept tips on their videos.

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