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Job Searching? Get Your Mobile Skills in Order

How Mobility Is Reshaping Personal Career Paths Curlis Phillip is a Senior Marketing Manager at AT&T. You can find more blog content from Curlis and other experts on mobility on the AT&T Networking Exchange Blog, where this post originally appeared. AT&T has sponsored the following blog post. A recent article by Huffington Post writer Daniel […]

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Use Cloud Services for the Perfect Follow-Up

Last week I broke down my step-by-step tips for how to network and pitch while at conferences, events, and talks. No matter what line of business you’re in, there’s always people to pitch who can help your business or with whom you can create mutually beneficial partnerships. But let’s say you’re just back from a […]

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Making Your Business Connections Count – Master the Art of Human Networking

Networking online, through social media channels, email, and LinkedIn, is something everyone I know does pretty well. After all, you can take all the time you like to compose your pitches and online networking comes without the stress and anxiety that often accompanies face-to-face interaction. But by no means should online networking be the only kind […]

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First Louis CK, Now Jon Stewart: The State Of The Online-First Video Strategy In 2012

Even Major Media Properties Are Launching New Video Series Online—What’s Your Content Strategy? The online gold rush today is in video, and if you’re looking to cash in it’s time to get started. Over the last year, YouTube has spent $100 million to help kickstart the careers of its content partners. Twitch.tv, a streaming video site that […]

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Our Mobile And Social Media Future: Talking To The Experts

What A Backstreet Boy, A Tech Journalist, A Social Media CEO, and A Facebook Employee Say About The Future Of Mobile And Social Media I recently had the chance to chair a phenomenal panel in New York City where I was able to talk with a wide variety of entrepreneurs, business professionals, and social media […]

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Avoid Security Holes and Access New Features by Keeping Your Apps Up-to-Date

Finding out about apps to boost your productivity while on-the-go is an increasingly important part of using your smartphone or tablet to better your business. While the default mail, calendar, and web browsing apps your device came equipped with are a good start, specialized apps often mean the difference between being able to work from […]

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