Gift Idea: Five Great Monthly Subscription Services

Who says gift-giving has to be a one time only? Gift subscriptions are great way to give someone a gift this month – and for months to come! And who doesn’t want to keep getting a special surprise into 2013?


citizen bean coffee of the month club
Citizen Bean Starter Pack

Citizen Bean

Coffee of the month seems to be the most obvious and basic “off the month” club, and considering how much people love their coffee, it makes total sense. For a serious coffee lover, Citizen Bean is the right choice: they deliver a full pound of top-quality roasted coffee every month, plus how-tos and accessories to go with.  Choose $79.99 for 3 months or $219 for a year.




for the makers subscription gift month club
For the Makers sample project

For the Makers

This is basically a cute craft project subscription. Every month, For the Makers send a box with up to 4 different craft projects, including supplies and a tutorial. Great gift for anyone who’s a little crafty but could some inspiration and some guidance. Previous projects include a bottle stopper, felt iPhone holder, and resin necklace. Subscriptions are $29 a month.


Papirmasse art of the month subscription club gift sample
Past art selections


This is an art subscription! Once a month Papirmasse sends an archival-quality art print selected by their team. The idea is that even though lots of fine art can be expensive, prints don’t have to be. Great gift for new homeowners, arts fanatics or college kids looking to upgrade their dorm room decor. Subscriptions are only $100 for a whole year.


Hot sauce of the month subscription club gift sample
Hot sauces!

Hot Sauce of the Month

Yes, it’s a little crazy, but it could be crazy delicious for the right person. The name says it all: once a month someone you care about will get two bottles of unique and hard-to-find hot sauce. No, it’s not Tabasco, don’t worry. $107 for 6 months.



Birchbox Subscription Gift of the Month Sample
Women’s Birchbox Box


This is a beauty and grooming product subscription service that starts at $10 a month. Surprise: they have a service for men, too. Sample products are things like lotions, hair treatments, soaps, scrubs and makeup (for the ladies). They’re high-end brands, so rather than shelling out big money for a big bottle, you can try a small size to see if you like it (and if it’d be worth purchasing at full price). $10 a month.