Get Your Pet Something Nice This Holiday Season!

Some people would say it’s silly to buy your pet a gift this holiday season. But if your dog, cat, bunny, iguana, fish or even elephant is truly a part of your family, they deserve the same loving kindness you show everyone else this season.

Here’s some great tech gifts I think you’ll love:

tagg tracker


Sure, you’ve got the wristband that connects to your smartphone and the apps to track your runs and the heart monitor and the… But WAIT—Doesn’t Fido deserve some tech to keep him healthy as well?

The Tagg pet GPS system includes absolutely everything you’ll need to GPS location track your dog and also start tracking their activities as well! It’s a simple and easy way to make sure Fido isn’t just lounging around and putting on the pounds while you’re at the office. tracking for your pet. Useful even if your dog’s not a runner, and maybe lifesaving if he is! $99 for the device and three months of service from Tagg. Read More

Gift Idea: Five Great Monthly Subscription Services

Who says gift-giving has to be a one time only? Gift subscriptions are great way to give someone a gift this month – and for months to come! And who doesn’t want to keep getting a special surprise into 2013?


citizen bean coffee of the month club
Citizen Bean Starter Pack

Citizen Bean

Coffee of the month seems to be the most obvious and basic “off the month” club, and considering how much people love their coffee, it makes total sense. For a serious coffee lover, Citizen Bean is the right choice: they deliver a full pound of top-quality roasted coffee every month, plus how-tos and accessories to go with.  Choose $79.99 for 3 months or $219 for a year.



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#SocamShow Episode 7 – Fathers Day: Great Tech Gift Ideas for Dad!

Stuck on what to get your small biz loving Dad for Fathers Day? Drowning under a sea of Amazon reviews trying to figure out which case, accessory or new device Dad will really love this year? We have tech gift ideas!

Here are a few suggestions for some great devices Dad will absolutely love. Hit “read more” and check out the links below for some additional info on these products. Read More

6 Hot Tech Gadgets for Entrepreneur Dad: From Paper-Saving Organizers to Eco-Friendly Notebooks, Here’s Father’s Day Technology Any Dad Will Love

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Growing up on the island of St. Thomas, Father’s Day weekend was always a festive time. The annual Father’s Day weekend celebration was staged in the fishing village of Frenchtown just southwest of the capital, Charlotte Amalie.  The festivities included a series of softball and fishing tournaments and non-stop dancing to music by some of my favorite local bands and steel pan players.  At home, we showed our gratitude by making dad a hearty island breakfast.  Since I knew very little about the latest tech and electronic gadgets back then, I often settled for a new tie, coffee mug, pen, or shirt.

How do you find the right Father’s Day gift for that tech savvy entrepreneur dad?  The tech savvy dad is usually an early adopter, and shopping for him can pose a bit of a challenge.  If you feel that you have run out of ideas, don’t despair. The key is to find a cool gadget that can help make his business run more smoothly. Read More