Will We See The Future of the Automotive Industry This Year at CES?

While cars are always a big part of the CES experience, this year has promised some surprises. Last year Google brought us some spectacular videos of self driving automobile tech but that still feels like its a ways off. After all, a video is one thing, but a real self-driving car you can buy and take on the road? That’s quite a ways off.

Not to be deterred however, Toyota has already “leaked” a 5 second clip of a Lexus that drives itself:

If that short video is any indication, Toyota has some big announcements coming this year at CES. And they won’t be the only ones—Audi, Ford, General Motors and Hyundai are here in Las Vegas prepping their own booths and interactive displays for when the show floor opens tomorrow. Sure, we’re going to see the latest in-car navigation systems, speech-recognition, next-gen dashboard displays, and greater smartphone-car integration this year, but what will really stand out of the pack? We won’t know until tomorrow, so make sure you’re following me on twitter here for all the latest updates!