More of My Favorite Tech from CES!

liquipel on an iphone from CES
Liquipel in action

I shared a lot of my favorites from CES on the Today Show, but here are few I love but we just didn’t have time to get to on TV:

Apple Accessory: 30 Pin or Lightning Port Flash Drive
This flash drive can be used with any Apple device, since it has the old 30 Pin connector AND the new Lightning port. That means you’ll be able to keep using it with any new Apple products that come out too. In addition to just storing and transferring files, you can also use it to stream movies or music to your iPhone or iPad. If you’ve got AirPlay set up you can then watch it on a TV. Play content from a flash drive to a TV? Pretty cool! Watch how it works here.

Unsung Hero: Liquipel
Liquipel is actually a coating for your phone that helps it repel water. They stick your phone in a box and spray it down with the coating so that it completely covers the phone, but somehow it still manages to be basically invisible. Not gonna help if you have a habit of dropping your device, but it’s great protection from everyday water damage. Sending away an iPhone 5 for the Liquipel treatment starts at $59 + shipping, but you can check out their site for all the options.

Gaming Announcements at CES?
Gaming announcements used to be strictly a E3 thing (a different but equally huge console-gaming centric conference that happens in Los Angeles every summer. But the field is changing, and gaming on mobile devices and PCs is bigger than every before. That’s why nVidia was at CES unleashing a new gaming console, Nyko was there with two rad controllers for Android devices. Steam was also in-house, and though they weren’t meeting with press, they were looking for hardware partners to team up with on a forthcoming set-top box. So while Nintendo and Microsoft weren’t in the building, and Sony was showing off TVs and Phones instead of Playstations, gaming still made a BIG splash at CES this year.

mario armstrong 4k tv
introing the 4k TV

4K Television: the Next Big Thing?
In a huge and refreshing change of pace this year, 3D finally stepped aside for 4K TV, the next big step up in resolution for your home. While our current HDTV standards, namely 720p and 1080p, are a perfect fit for the smaller screens that now fill our homes, 4K projectors have become standard in movie theaters worldwide. So it was only a matter of time before that tech started entering our homes, right? Well, that tech is here, and hitting store shelves this year, albeit at a pretty steep price. Can you say $20k television?

New HMDX Jam Speakers
I’ve talked before about how much I love these speakers, and HMDX has made them even better. ┬áThe sound is better, and if you’ve got more than one you can use them to listen to music in stereo. Check out our hands-on video here.