HLN: Wireless Devices for your Smart Home!

Missed me on HLN discussing cool new wireless devices to put in your smart home? No worries, I’ve got the complete list of smart tech I highlighted below:

WeMo Switch = Starting at $49.99Available at Belkin.com

·      Plug this into your outlet and combined with a free app for your device, this lets you turn any of your electronic devices on or off from inside or outside your home via your phone or tablet.

·      Uses your existing Wi-Fi to control your electronics.

·      Set schedules for your devices and control them remotely using a mobile internet connection.

·      Upgrade to the WeMo Switch Motion and you can control the electronic devices in your home when movement is detected.  It detects motion up to 10 feet away.

Nest$249 + InstallationAvailable at Nest.com and other retailers

·      Instead of leaving your home at a constant temperature (which can be a waste of money as well as energy) Nest learns your schedule and will raise or lower the temperature to suit your needs.

·      You can control it from your phone.

·      If you teach it to raise and lower itself properly, it can save you up to 20% on your heating and cooling bills.

·      Auto-Away is a feature on Nest where you can program it to turn into an energy-efficient Away temperature when you are gone.  Nest uses its activity sensors to detect when a person’s nearby or when you’re using Nest. If Nest doesn’t notice you for a while, it can start Auto-Away. That means it’ll turn down your system until your home reaches a minimum or maximum temperature. You choose those temps when you set up your Nest. So, if your minimum Auto-Away temp is 50° and it starts getting colder, Nest will maintain the house at 50° till you get home.

Qualcomm Wi-Fi enabled concept coffee makerTech demo, not for sale

·      This is a prototype that is being featured at the Qualcomm booth at the Mobile World Congress meeting in Barcelona Spain.

·      Brewers will be able to use their tablet to order a cup of coffee without leaving bed ( or the couch).

·      You will be able to select the strength, size and brewing time as well.

·      The coffee maker will send you alerts when your coffee is finished brewing.

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