HLN: Wireless Devices for your Smart Home!

Missed me on HLN discussing cool new wireless devices to put in your smart home? No worries, I’ve got the complete list of smart tech I highlighted below:

WeMo Switch = Starting at $49.99Available at Belkin.com

·      Plug this into your outlet and combined with a free app for your device, this lets you turn any of your electronic devices on or off from inside or outside your home via your phone or tablet.

·      Uses your existing Wi-Fi to control your electronics.

·      Set schedules for your devices and control them remotely using a mobile internet connection.

·      Upgrade to the WeMo Switch Motion and you can control the electronic devices in your home when movement is detected.  It detects motion up to 10 feet away. Read More

Parents Beware: Vine App Creates Six Seconds of Looping Porn

Vine App for iPhone ScreenshotThere’s a hot new app in the iPhone App Store from Twitter called “Vine” that let’s you create and share 6 seconds of looping video. I’ve been seeing it in my Twitter feed a lot lately, and with Mario’s recent segment on HLN (see video above) I finally understand how the heck people are creating these strange videos. Basically, Vine helps you take and edit short videos into 6 second bursts. The service then loops these videos and allows you to publish them to social media. It’s like animated GIFs taken to a whole new level.

But this is a cautionary tale. As it turns out, some users have already been using the app to make and share hardcore pornography. Yikes!

Despite the fact that the App has been approved by Apple for users 12 and older, it seems that Vine was unprepared for the huge explosion in users and hasn’t been able to police their content to make sure it’s appropriate for all ages.

Worried about your children downloading apps like this? Keep reading to find out how to block the from installing apps like this without your permission. Read More

HLN: Looking at the new Nintendo Wii U (VIDEO)

When it comes to gift buying for gamers this holiday season there’s only one company putting out a new console. The new Nintendo Wii U stands alone as the single new system on store shelves in 2012.

Thinking about buying the Wii U or another console? Be sure to check out my guide to the hottest deals on gaming consoles for Black Friday by clicking here.

I attended the launch of the new system in New York. What sets the Wii U apart from the XBox and Playstation is a new & innovative controller. The handheld device incorporates joysticks, a microphone, speakers, a camera and even a touchscreen of its own. That ‘second screen’ allows aspects of some games to pop off your TV and into your hands. The gamepad can also be set up as a universal remote, to control your TV and even your cable box, which I’ve tested at home, and works great!