New Interactive Gallery of the Best of the Web from the Webby Awards

This week the Webby Awards, the biggest award for online work in the world, announced a completely redesigned gallery to let you view winning work from the Award’s entire 16 year history. It’s a great look at how far we (The Internet) have come, plus a great source of inspiration to see what’s cutting edge and award-worthy.

The Webbys honors work in four main categories: websites, advertising, mobile and film & video, and also features noteworthy celebrities making contributions to online culture and commerce, like Al Gore and David Bowie. If you’re thinking about improving your site and need inspiration, or just want to see the best of what the web has to offer it’s a must visit. Plus a couple of hilarious blasts from the past:

webby winner mayo clinic 1998 in 2008, the first year of the Webby Awards


mayo clinic now, just for comparison


starchild webby winner 2008
Starchild, the Webby Winner for Education in 2008


webby winner google in 2002
Google’s homepage in 2002, right before they took over the world. They won for Best Practices.