My 5 Tips For Better Meetings to Get You Closer To Your Goals

mario armstrong tips for better meetingsI’ve had a lot of big meetings lately that have HUGE potential to help me achieve my goals, both in the short term and my bigger goal of getting my own national TV show. So it seemed like a good idea to revisit a video I made awhileback talking about my 5 tips for big meetings and what you should do to make sure you get the most out of that face time you possibly can!

When you get a big meeting with someone that can help you achieve your goals you definitely want it to go smoothly, leave a good impression, and try to get to a place where you have some real, concrete things you can follow-up on, either for yourself or with that person.

My video below is about what you can do to make those meetings work for you. It’s my thoughts from a meeting with Daymond John, but it’s still the tips I live by for every meeting and I think will help you too no matter what your goals are or how you are trying to pursue your passion.

Entrepreneur Tip: How to Make a Lasting Impression on People That Inspire You

Inspire Mario Armstrong on Rachael Ray Whenever you meet someone who can help you with your dreams and your goals, how do you handle it? You gotta walk the line between asking too much and not asking at all – and you know you gotta ask! It could be someone who inspires you, who you admire, or just someone you think has some solid advice to give.

One thing I recommend is leaving something behind with that person, so it’s not just about that one moment when you’re standing there in front of them. Like what? Well, I taped a segment for Rachael Ray this week, and I really felt like it was a special opportunity to get in front of somebody that’s amazing. So I took that opportunity to leave her a letter with some of my questions, and a USB flash drive with some of my video clips. It’s way better, and way more personal, than just leaving a business card. Anybody can leave a business card, but how much does that really say about you? You have to get real and personal and make your own case for yourself, because you are your own best advocate.

Rachael was a great person to reach out to, because she has built a media empire for and around herself, and she totally gets it – and I bet she would have great advice on how to achieve my own dreams like getting my own show. But you know it doesn’t have to be TV stars – there are a lot of really successful people out there that can have great advice no matter what, and it’s about looking for inspiration in everything – and everyone – you meet!

So what’s the lesson here? Think about what you can leave behind and how to really make an impression when you get the chance. You only get so many opportunities to get in front of the people that can help you take your dreams and goals to the next level!


New Interactive Gallery of the Best of the Web from the Webby Awards

This week the Webby Awards, the biggest award for online work in the world, announced a completely redesigned gallery to let you view winning work from the Award’s entire 16 year history. It’s a great look at how far we (The Internet) have come, plus a great source of inspiration to see what’s cutting edge and award-worthy.

The Webbys honors work in four main categories: websites, advertising, mobile and film & video, and also features noteworthy celebrities making contributions to online culture and commerce, like Al Gore and David Bowie. If you’re thinking about improving your site and need inspiration, or just want to see the best of what the web has to offer it’s a must visit. Plus a couple of hilarious blasts from the past:

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Every time you get a small success, you need to celebrate that!

I’m doing a special segment on the TODAY show this Saturday, covering the NY Auto Show. That got me thinking about how we approach our goals and dreams and how we deal with our success. It’s one thing to have big goals and to pursue them. That’s something everyone needs to be doing. But you need to enjoy the journey as well!

My goal is to be the host of a nationally-syndicated television show. But that’s a huge goal! So I’m breaking it down into small steps that I can actually do, like appearing regularly on national TV and hosting one-off programs like this year’s Best of CES special. That way, when I accomplish these small goals I can step away and look at what I’ve done and really feel like I’ve accomplished something!

CC Chapman at SXSW: Amazing Things Will Happen (If You Work At Them!)

CC Chapman at SXSWMany of you may have already seen our SXSW interview with CC Chapman. But it’s worth reposting here, because he talks a lot about something that’s important to all of us: how to get where you want to go. As he says in the video, it’s not enough just to be unhappy with what you’re doing: you have to make changes if you want to make progress, and those changes take hard work.

One great point he raises is that if you know where you want to go, you can make an action plan to get there. That means trying to work backwards from your end goal, and setting up concretes milestones (with deadlines!) you think will get you there. But starting from the end result is key.

It’s also important to remember that your plan will change along the way: it’s important to be flexible and respond both to positives and negatives that may come up. That may mean changing your plan slightly to accomodate a new opportunity that presents itself, and it also means constantly evaluating what you’re doing: if it’s not working, it’s time to change the plan!

For more info on CC Chapman, check out his new book Amazing Things Will Happen or find him on Twitter at cc_chapman.