CUBED: A home-grown tablet for education, and expanding your office with AT&T

Today I’m headed back to school in my hometown of Baltimore, MD, to meet the people behind the software 1sqbox (One Square Box). 1sqbox created tablet-centric software that connects teachers, students, and even the school administration together so everyone can see what’s going on inside the school all through a single tablet interface. The software works with students of all ages from K-12, but 1sqbox also created the tablet itself so it’s an all-in-one solution! The founders have done all that, and more—they’re also taking on the responsibility of handling all of the training as well and with the business growing its becoming harder and harder to communicate with everyone they’re working with in an efficient way.

AT&T’s Office@Hand is the perfect solution for companies trying to tackle rapid growth without the resources to hire a huge staff. Office@Hand provides your business with a ton of stuff, including a receptionist and a dial-by-name phone directory. It also provides your business with multiple phone-line extensions that can link to different lines, departments, and even mobile devices. You don’t even have to sign up for a new phone number because you can do all this with the number you’ve already been giving out! The best part is, you can access everything through the web or on your smartphone or tablet, so no matter where in the world you may be you still have access to the vast infrastructure available.