Why I’m excited about Mailbox for Mac

It goes without saying that time management is one of the biggest problems facing entrepreneurs, which is why I’m always excited about new apps that save you time. With a limited number of hours in the day to pursue your dream career, especially if you’re still working that 9-5, even a few minutes here and there can make a big difference.

I’m excited for the upcoming release of Dropbox’s Mailbox app for Mac, which promises to make it even easier to quickly sort through your Mailbox with new features to ensure you spend even less time stuck in your inbox.

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Write Without Distractions: Try Ommwriter to Boost Your Productivity

ommwriter app to reduce distractions boost productiivty

We’ve all sat down to write something…only to realize an hour later that somehow sixty minutes got sucked into a Facebook/RSS/Flash Sale black hole, never to be seen again. Time to get your productivity back on track! Try Ommwriter, an inexpensive app for Mac, PC and iPad that keeps you away from distractions in an environment that’s actually designed to boost your concentration.

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Mario’s Top 3: How to shoot great video on your phone

The holidays are right around the corner, and you want to make sure you capture and preserve all those wonderful moments so you can enjoy them later. You don’t want your “Baby’s first holiday” video to be dark, grainy and super shaky, do you? Here are some really easy and basic tips for shooting video with your smartphone.

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My Three Tips to Help You Give Better Presentations

Practice — and technology — makes perfect!

Having the right tools to give great presentations is one huge key to success in the small biz and entrepreneurship world. Getting the right slide deck and presenting it effectively in front of key players in your industry can make a huge difference for your brand AND your business. But not everyone is a natural at giving presentations, and that’s okay — I’ve got some great tips to make it easy!

By applying all three tips below, hopefully you can make the whole process seamless.

1. Practice public speaking.

If you’re having trouble with the actual part where you stand up and give the presentation, that’s okay—a lot of people are uncomfortable with public speaking, even when it’s just in small groups or one-on-one with strangers. But there are tried-and-true methods to get better at it, some of which I’ve covered in a previous article.

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TODAY: How to store your files in the cloud

Image credit: filetransporter.com

Want to have all your digital files available at all time from all of your devices? Keeping it all in the cloud makes that possible.

So what exactly is the cloud?

“The cloud” means an off-site storage system for your data that is maintained by a third party.

Think of it as a storage facility you rent when you have too much stuff in your home, but you later realize you just can’t get rid of your stuff forever. This cloud is the place to store your data—files, photos, videos, etc that so that you don’t have to clutter up your hard drive.

You connect to your cloud securely over the Internet. Once connected, you can send copies of your information to the cloud server where your data is stored. When you want to access your info later, you can do it straight from the web or a mobile device.

Why use the cloud?

Once you’ve put your files in the cloud, they’re way more flexible than the storage unit you visit once a year because you can access those files from anywhere you have an Internet connection! This includes smartphones, tablets, and Internet-connected computers anywhere in the world. So not only can you securely store those files and free up your hard drive, you get the added, huge benefit of being able to access those files anywhere, anytime! Read more on TODAY.com.

A look at the world’s fastest desktop printer, the HP Officejet Pro X 576dw

It used to be, if you wanted a fast printer for your small biz and also needed color, scanning, faxing and more, you were facing down a hefty price tag. No more! Today, inkjet printing technology has come so far that the world’s fastest desktop printer isn’t some fancy laser, but a high-tech version of the same inkjet tech you’ve probably used at home for years.

The HP Officejet Pro X 576dw, only available at Staples, isn’t just fast—its Guinness World Record-holding fast, an award it won for printing an astounding 500 sheets in just 7 minutes 19 seconds.

But speed is one thing, and not necessarily the most crucial factor when looking at a printer for you biz. So let me highlight three other features I love about this printer for small biz. Read More

Mem:o Lets You Keep Track of Things Beautifully

Whether you’re keeping track of your spending, your workouts and calories, or your billable hours, we’re all keeping trying to keep on top of all the data we generate. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t really know where to put that stuff except in some boring spreadsheet that you may or may not ever look at again.

Keeping the ugly out of your data is the job of mem:o—an innovative app for the iPad that will make you want to revisit your data and, who knows, maybe learn something from it.

The great selling point of mem:o is that it’s lovely. Put together by the design firm of c+y, mem:o uses an clean but colorful palette, organizing your personal information into a series of circles of different sizes and colors. You can add tags and text notes for more information and view your data either on a calendar or a board. Read More

How to Update to iOS 7: What You Need to Know

iOS 7, Apple’s newest edition of its mobile operating system, is coming to devices near you on September 18th. With a new, more colorful look and some pretty substantial changes under the hood, some people are calling this release the biggest change to the operating system since the release of the original iPhone. And, as with all the updates to iOS, the newest version is totally free. So whether you want the new look and feel, want to be on the cutting edge of the new features and security updates, or are just really excited about the new filters on the camera app, here’s what you need to know before you can make the change.

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