Entrepreneur Tip: How to Make a Lasting Impression on People That Inspire You

Inspire Mario Armstrong on Rachael Ray Whenever you meet someone who can help you with your dreams and your goals, how do you handle it? You gotta walk the line between asking too much and not asking at all – and you know you gotta ask! It could be someone who inspires you, who you admire, or just someone you think has some solid advice to give.

One thing I recommend is leaving something behind with that person, so it’s not just about that one moment when you’re standing there in front of them. Like what? Well, I taped a segment for Rachael Ray this week, and I really felt like it was a special opportunity to get in front of somebody that’s amazing. So I took that opportunity to leave her a letter with some of my questions, and a USB flash drive with some of my video clips. It’s way better, and way more personal, than just leaving a business card. Anybody can leave a business card, but how much does that really say about you? You have to get real and personal and make your own case for yourself, because you are your own best advocate.

Rachael was a great person to reach out to, because she has built a media empire for and around herself, and she totally gets it – and I bet she would have great advice on how to achieve my own dreams like getting my own show. But you know it doesn’t have to be TV stars – there are a lot of really successful people out there that can have great advice no matter what, and it’s about looking for inspiration in everything – and everyone – you meet!

So what’s the lesson here? Think about what you can leave behind and how to really make an impression when you get the chance. You only get so many opportunities to get in front of the people that can help you take your dreams and goals to the next level!