Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that use latest tech and cost less than $100!

Okay, so it’s the last minute but you want to get Mom something great for Mother’s Day. Wouldn’t it be cool if that gift also included some of the latest and greatest tech and didn’t break the bank? Here are five gift ideas for Mom that you can still buy and the best part is they all cost less than $100!

Click And Grow, available at – starts at $79.00

Your mom may not have a green thumb, but that shouldn’t keep her from growing fun vegetable and herbs like tomatoes, chili peppers, and basil! The Click and Grow system uses a really cool technology takes a smart flower pot powered by batteries and features a water pump, sensors, and combines it with plant cartridges that contain not only the seeds and nutrients they need to go, but the software to power the system! In just a few weeks, Mom will be growing plants no matter how green her thumb!

SleepPhones, available at – starts at $39.95

Dr. Oz and I talked about SleepPhones a few weeks ago, and if you really want to see how they work, you should check out this video of us using them. This is a great gift for a Mom who needs a good night’s sleep. One cool fact is that SleepPhones were created by a doctor who had trouble falling back to sleep when she was on-call! She wanted to avoid taking pills, and so she came up with something that utilizes technology to help you develop better sleep patterns. The headphones plug into almost any music player allowing Mom to listen to anything she likes. Plus, SleepPhones provides a number of free downloads featuring their binaural beats technology for MP3s on their website. Whether Mom is dealing with a snoring dad, kept up by a noisy street, or just needs to drown out conversations to sneak in a quick nap, SleepPhones will help. Plus, I love the fact that the fleece headband is made of 88% recycled plastic bottles by Polartec!

HMDX Jam Speaker, available at Amazon, Best Buy,, and other retailers for $49.99

This little speaker is the perfect size and sound for Mom! You can get it in her favorite color, and she can throw it in her purse or diaper bag to take with her wherever she goes! No matter what device she uses to listen to music (iPhone, iPod, Android device, or anything else!) it can either connect via bluetooth or a small audio cable. The Jam is a great sound enhancer for your phone, laptop, or tablet and features a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 4 hours with bluetooth, and almost twice as long with the audio cable! Or, plug it in via USB and let Mom Jam all day long!

Apple TV, available everywhere electronics are sold, $99

Give Mom this entertainment extravaganza! With her Apple TV, she can watch thousands of her favorite movies and TV shows. Plus, she can connect her Apple device to it and view on her big screen whatever she’s looking at on whether it’s on her Mac, iPad or iPod Touch. Another cool feature I like is that she can listen to music or view and share her personal photos or home movies through her TV. There is so much fun for Mom in such a tiny little box!

Mophie Battery Cases and Juice Pack, available anywhere electronics are sold and at, Prices vary

This backup battery is also a case for Mom’s iPhone 4, 4S, or 5, as well as her HTC One or Samsung Galaxy SIII. It’s a great gift for the Mom who’s always making calls or taking pictures and just needs more juice! But what if your Mom doesn’t have one of the phones that Mophie specifically makes cases for? No worries, they have a selection of backup batteries that Mom can throw in her purse and use to get a quick charge no matter where she is!