Steve Harvey: Become Digital Parents to Raise Digital Citizens

Steve Harvey asked me to come on to his show recently to talk to Lamar, a father whose heart is in the right place but is having trouble understanding how to raise kids in this new, digital age. He doesn’t use the Internet, or technology at all really, and as such is having a hard time communicating with and relating to his kids. What I explained to Lamar is that in this digital age, the mall for today’s teens is the Internet. The playground is the Internet. So to be an effective parent, you need to be digitally literate to follow and interact with your kids online!

Steve and I discuss a wide wage of issues affecting parents in the digital age. We talk about how text messaging is often more effective than talking on the phone for today’s kids, and discuss strategies on how we can connect with our own children better by using social networks, taking pictures or videos, and using our smartphones in smart ways.

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