Want to be the first to score a custom designed Moto X? Sign up now!

custom moto x from attFor your new Moto X smartphone, you can choose from only two colors for the front device (white or black), but when it comes to customizing the rest of your phone, you have hundreds of combinations at your disposal. Exclusively from AT&T, you’ll be able to select from 16 backplate colors, 7 accent colors for the buttons on your phone as well as the ring around the camera. And the phone comes in two different capacities, 16GB and 32GB. You can even get it custom engraved on top of that!

How do I get a Custom Moto X?

Orders start soon, and while the phone will be available on multiple carriers, only on AT&T will you be able to totally trick out your phone. Want to be first in like to snag a custom Moto X? Head on over to AT&T’s Moto X microsite and sign up today. That’s the only way to ensure that you’ll be one of the first customers to purchase and design a Moto X any way you please before it officially launches.

Is a Custom Moto X truly unique?

No other phone or carrier offers this level of customization, and for those who want a truly unique smartphone, opportunities like this don’t come around often. The Moto X is the first smartphone from Motorola to come out of their new ownership and guidance under Android’s creator, Google, so this phone promises a first-rate mobile experience. For even more about the Moto X, including how it came to be, check out this excellent article from Wired that highlights the story behind the phone including the tight collaboration between Motorola and Google.