Back to School: The Best Apps (for kids AND parents!)

Continuing my back to school coverage this week I’m taking a look at the best apps for students heading back to school, as well as one for the parents that will help everyone stay better organized this back to school. Keep reading to check out these awesome apps!

The Best Reading App for Back to School

Learn With Homer

Learn With Homer App for iPad – FREE

This is a great literacy app for kids ages 3-6 years old. It will SERIOUSLY help your kids with reading and vocabulary skills because its made by literacy experts! The cool thing is that it isn’t limited just to reading skills—the app also covers topics like art, history and science. It contains different sections like “Learn To Read”, “Homer’s Clubhouse”, “Discover the World” and more. The app teaches the child not only with the regular methods, but also with songs, drawing, stories and even voice recording! It’s a true multimedia experience. This is THE app that everyone is talking about as “groundbreaking” when it comes to early education and if you want help take your child’s reading skills to the next level definitely grab a copy on your iPad and get them learning!

The Best Math App for Back to School

TI Nspire CAS App – $29.99 (For iPad)

CAS stands for Computer Algebra System. These are the Texas Instruments apps that you can use in place of their much more expensive Texas Instruments calculators. The apps are $29.99 where the calculators start at $139.99–that is a HUGE SAVINGS. These apps are specifically designed for and great for both middle school and high schoolers. The app allows you to save, edit and review work as well as share information via email or dropbox—which for today’s ultra-connected kids is so convenient. It is compatible with the TI-Nspire software and handheld devices too.

The Best App for Parents

Cozi App – FREE – For Apple, Android and Blackberry

This is the perfect app for organizing everything with going back to school. Great for parents to manage the crazy family & school schedules. From practices, to PTA meetings, doctor appointments & more. Cozi is an app that you share with the whole family. I can put things in my calendar, or my wife can create a grocery list or to do list and I can see it. If I am driving by the grocery store, for instance, I can pull up our shared list and doing the shopping for us so she doesn’t have to worry about it. Cozi allows us to combine all of our different calendars—like school, sports, doctor’s appointments, etc. in one place—and it’s color coded so you can tell what is what. We can all share it—including my son! I can also sync it up with my Google or Outlook calendars. Everyone can know what everyone else is doing and what needs to be done—it’s so awesome!