HLN: The Best Tailgating Apps

There really aren’t too many activities where you don’t get a huge benefit by having the right app available, and tailgating is one. Need help organizing one? Grilling? Just listening to other games?

As they say, there’s an app for that. Check out the suggestions below:

Tune In Radio app (For Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry) – FREE

This little app is perfect for tuning in other games in the league while waiting for yours to start. Not just that, the app and site are awesome because they help you listen to radio stations all around the world for FREE! If you are tailgating at the Ravens game, but wanted to hear what the Falcons were doing, you could find the station on the app and tune in to it. Or you can listen to the pre-game show while you are tailgating. For the best effect, hook your smartphone or tablet up to a speaker via Bluetooth and the whole gang can listen while you party.


Tailgates can be complicated to arrange because they’re basically like a huge portable potluck party. OutTailgate.com is a great site that gives you a platform for everyone to go visit to ensure that everything is taken care of. It’s easy to create your tailgating event right on the site, and then make the guest list. Basically, you just plug in the email addresses and it will send the invites for you. Last step, you create the sign up sheet for everything that you will need. Your fellow tailgaters can go to the sign up sheet and see stuff like the fact that Mario is taking care of the burgers and brats, but no one has signed up for potato salad yet. If it gets close to the event and there are items that have not been signed up for, you can email the guests again letting them know that you will need some help and exactly with what. I love this because you can avoid all of the back and forth emails and questions this way—it takes the hassle out of organizing the tailgate.

Grill It app (For Apple and Android) – $0.99

Okay so you’ve organized this huge tailgating party, hauled that grill with you—what is more important than what is on that grill and how good it tastes? If the burgers and brats flop that what people will be talking about, so you gotta stay on your “A” game the whole time.

I love the Grill It app because it’s filled with great tips and recipes for everything you’ll be grilling that day. Now you’ve got tons of great recipes and tips right there on your phone, and you won’t have to drag a cookbook with you to the event.

A word of warning thought, if you tailgate a lot, they don’t get a lot of new recipes, so you might need more inspiration throughout the season.