TODAY: How to store your files in the cloud

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Want to have all your digital files available at all time from all of your devices? Keeping it all in the cloud makes that possible.

So what exactly is the cloud?

“The cloud” means an off-site storage system for your data that is maintained by a third party.

Think of it as a storage facility you rent when you have too much stuff in your home, but you later realize you just can’t get rid of your stuff forever. This cloud is the place to store your data—files, photos, videos, etc that so that you don’t have to clutter up your hard drive.

You connect to your cloud securely over the Internet. Once connected, you can send copies of your information to the cloud server where your data is stored. When you want to access your info later, you can do it straight from the web or a mobile device.

Why use the cloud?

Once you’ve put your files in the cloud, they’re way more flexible than the storage unit you visit once a year because you can access those files from anywhere you have an Internet connection! This includes smartphones, tablets, and Internet-connected computers anywhere in the world. So not only can you securely store those files and free up your hard drive, you get the added, huge benefit of being able to access those files anywhere, anytime! Read more on