Is Your Cell Phone Also Your Alarm Clock? Read This!

Rise App for cell phone alarm clocks
The Rise App for iPhone ($1.99) lets you wake up to a song from iTunes

Do you use your cell phone as an alarm clock? Lots of people do – there are tons of apps (like Rise, pictured above) to help you sleep better, plus your phone is just so convenient, especially if you travel! But how you use your phone to wake up might be impacting how you sleep too!

It may sound obvious or just silly, but if you’re using your phone as an alarm clock make sure it actually rings and isn’t on vibrate. If you train your body and mind to wake up to the slight vibration of your phone, it makes sense that your body would be more sensitive to slight sounds or noises – meaning you’re more likely to wake up to other, non-alarm noises. In other words, you’re training yourself to be a lighter sleeper. Not a great plan!

And instead of keeping your phone on vibrate, pick a dedicated alarm ringtone. The last thing you want is to unconsciously react negatively to every phone call because it reminds you of getting up in the morning!

Now this hasn’t been scientifically proven (that I know of!) but it seems like common sense, and several people I know have confirmed it anecdotally. What are your thoughts – do you use your phone as an alarm clock? Are there any apps you love to help you wake up? Let me know – I am always looking for a better way to wake up feeling really rested!