Apple Will Bring Five Nights of Music to SXSW at iTunes Festival


Apple has just announced that they’re coming to SXSW in a BIG way this year! They’re calling it the first-ever US iTunes Festival, and each night will feature a global music superstar. Apple has already announced that Coldplay, Pit Bull, Keith Urban, Zedd, and Willie Nelson will perform, and Apple will continue to add performers to the five day schedule.

Taking place during the music portion of SXSW, Apple will host a different concert every night for five nights starting Tuesday March 11 through Saturday March 15, 2014. Every show will be available to watch for free during and after the performances, and you can watch via the iTunes store, on Apple TV or on the official app (which doesn’t seem to be out yet).

London has had an iTunes festival for years; you can actually buy live recordings of performances from the show through iTunes to get an idea of what Apple is trying to bring to Austin. No word yet on how to get lucky and actually attend in person, but if Apple announces anything major (like, you know, a huge contest to enter to win a trip to the iTunes festival!) we’ll let you know!