Boost Your Digital Parenting Skills With the MamaBear App

Smartphones are supposed to make our lives easier, but with children in the mix they can mean scary changes! With a computer, there are simple steps you can take to make sure your children are safe like placing the PC in a well-trafficked part of the house and installing software to limit when they can use the computer or what sites they can access.

With smartphones, your children suddenly have a private device that can quickly lead them into some dicey situations with friends, strangers, or on sites they shouldn’t visit but may still try to!

But smartphones also mean you have new tools as a parent, like location tracking or the ability to see where your child is checking in or what they’re sharing on social media. An app called “MamaBear” promises to help you manage your child’s behavior online and offline. How does it do it?

how to use mamabear app for android and ios

MamaBear is a smartphone app available for both Android and iOS devices that gives you powerful new digital parenting tools, including:

– The ability to monitor where your children are and receive alerts when they arrive at or leave a location.

– See what your children are saying and sharing on social media, and get alerted they’re using bad language or there are signs of bullying.

– Receive a notification when your children are tagged in photos or check-in on Facebook or Instagram.

– Create custom monitoring settings for locations, social media and driving.

MamaBear is a much-needed tool for parents raising good digital citizens, so click here to get the app and let me know what you think in the comments below!