4 Ways Video Conferencing Can Deliver Value to Your Business

spreecast video mario

I believe that video can have a powerful effect on how we digest information and relate to one another. I got my start in media on radio, eventually hosting my own daily tech talk show on SiriusXM. But it’s undeniable that in our culture especially, video platforms like TV, film, and even YouTube can be much more engaging and exciting for audiences. Being able to actually show people tech products and apps on shows like NBC’s TODAY show means I’m able to bring my message to audiences in a much more accessible way.

On top of being a media figure, I also run my own company. Over the years I’ve put together an amazing team, but geographically they’re spread out all over the country! In order to get it all done, we take advantage of tools to work together, including cloud appsproject management software, email, and conference calls.

But when we need to take it to the next level, to really connect with each other face-to-face, we turn to video conferencing. Just like TV has huge benefits compared to radio, I think video conferencing with my team has huge benefits! Here’s why:

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