5 Hashtags for your Startup or Small Business to Use This Summer

While the kids are gearing up for their summer vacations, if you’re an entrepreneur or involved with a small business, this is no time to slack off! With visions of beaches in exotic locations swimming through your head, it can be hard to stay focused and make sure you build your business and grow your brand all summer long!

To help inspire you to stay motivated this summer, I’ve selected five hashtags that should really help to pump you up!

facebook fit making your small business stronger

1. #FacebookFit

I’m psyched to be one of the small business experts featured on the Facebook Fit tour this summer. If your business is looking to crack the code and reach a wider or new audience through Facebook this year, you won’t want to miss this series of all-day events that will teach you how to market your business, manage your finances, and even give you some legal advice!

If your business is struggling on Facebook, or looking to take your engagement on social media to the next level, be sure that you follow #FacebookFit this summer and join us on the tour.


2. #Passion

I always say that you’ve got to have #Passion if you really want to build a business as an entrepreneur. This means that no matter what line of business you’re in, or whatever company you’re hoping to launch, that you have a deep passion for the work you’re going to take on.

Your business needs to be something you have so much #Passion for, you’d be willing to work for free. After all, if your business is like most (including mine) you’ll be working for years without a steady paycheck as you try to build your brand and find new sources of revenue!

So today, hop online and use the hashtag #Passion. Tell the world what gets you going. Who knows, you might just find a kindred spirit (or your next employee!).

Money by 401(K) 2102 via Flickr, CC BY SA 2.0
Money by 401(K) 2102 via Flickr, CC BY SA 2.0

3. #Monetize

How many ways does your business or brand have to make money? No business wants to watch their revenue stream evaporate when a lower-cost competitor shows up in the marketplace. The best way for your business to survive is to #Monetize!

Try this: get out a pen and a piece of paper, and right now try to generate three new ways you can try to monetize your business this summer. Come back to this post when you’re done. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here waiting for you.

Ok, did you come up with three? Here are mine: get my own TV show, develop a new product and go on tour with Facebook.

I’ve already accomplished that last one so check in with me at the end of the summer and see if I’ve gotten my own show yet! Meanwhile, I want you to pick just ONE of your three ideas, and then see if you can make it happen this summer.

cat fail 2 box


4. #FailFast

If you’re taking my advice and trying out a new way to monetize your business, this hashtag is for you: #FailFast.

While I’m not suggesting you go out there and try to fail with your business, failing fast means you’re able to try something new, see where you went wrong, and pick yourself back up to try again.

As long as you’re making progress (even if small) you’ve got to keep going, don’t pivot too soon. Every business has failures, big and small, but the faster you can fail, the lees you lose and the more you learn. Failing fast prepares you for the next time you need to take a risk and put it all out there.

never settle logo yellow 007 with BG

5. #NeverSettle

The best thing about Facebook is how easy it makes it to connect with people. That’s why I’m launching my #NeverSettleClub exclusively as a Facebook Group this summer. I’ll be teaching people how to turn their #Passions into profits, and teaching people the secretsI used to grow my business while I transformed myself from a local Baltimore techie and Radio host to an entrepreneur with 6 team members and major deals with national networks ranging from CNN & HLN to NBC’s TODAY Show!

I’ll be giving members exclusive access and content all summer long through the #NeverSettleClub, with weekly videos, homework assignments, live video chats, and much more! If you’re interested, I’d love it if you signed up today and then joined me on June 16th for the launch!