Hands-on Look at Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2: The Same Durability, 20% Thinner

At CES we had a chance to meet with Jon Pesansky, a Senior Product Engineer at Corning. Jon was there as part of a large push by Corning to get the word out about Gorilla Glass 2. Many of you are probably already familiar with Gorilla Glass—it can currently be found on a variety of non-Apple smartphones and tablets, including virtually every top-of-the-line Android model. For those that don’t know, Gorilla Glass is a type of glass specially engineered by Corning to withstand a huge amount of stress, far beyond what normal or even tempered glass can withstand. It won’t scratch easily and it won’t shatter when you inevitably drop your phone.

Gorilla Glass 2, the latest incarnation of the glass, is 20% thinner than the current product. That should allow for thinner, sleeker devices to be created with the glass as well as enhanced touch sensitivity from your fingers being closer to the touch sensitivity elements.

To prove Gorilla Glass 2 can stand up to the task, Mr. Pesansky puts it on the workbench to demonstrate just how strong Gorilla Glass 2 really is: