DROPitTO.me – Securely receive files from anyone to your Dropbox

You all should know by now that I am a huge Dropbox fan. So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered the ever-growing list of apps and services that utilize Dropbox.

One of the apps that stuck out was the DROPitTOme online service lets you request files from anyone that will automatically be uploaded to your Dropbox account. Now, if you’re going from Dropbox user to Dropbox user, file sharing is included in the basic account. But, if you need a file from somebody who has never heard of Dropbox (shame on them), the quickest way to receive a file I guess would be via email. Most people with a smartphone have access to their email accounts on the go, and most people know how to send an email.

But, if you’re dealing a user who doesn’t use Dropbox AND wants to send a huge file, that’s where DROPitTOme comes in. You can send your upload link to anyone and they can add files up to 75mb directly to your Dropbox account – Most other email clients only allow up to 10mb per email attachment. DITM will also create a separate folder that won’t mess with your current Dropbox structure.

Once you’ve registered an account and linked to Dropbox, DITM will generate a special upload link (http://dropitto.me/username) that’s secured with a special upload password that you assign to. Once the link and password is accepted, users can start to upload any kind of file Dropbox currently accepts. upload/transfer is crazy fast, and you will be sent an email with the uploaded file details when the transfer is complete. Files are available immediately to access via the web, connected computers or (wait for it) any smartphone or mobile device connected to your Dropbox account.

That upload link stays the same no matter who you give it to and there is no time limit/timeout period to when a user with your link/pass can upload files. That may be a good or bad thing, so you have the ability to change the upload password at any time, or toggle upload capabilities on and off.

My only gripe is there is no bulk upload option, so you will have to upload those files one at a time. But for free (or a donation), what more can you ask for from a quick and easy way to receive files that are automatically added to your Dropbox account for instant access via a smartphone?

I thought so. So visit the DROPitTOme site and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Request DropBox Files From Anyone with AirDropper

If you don’t already know by now, I’m a fan of the DropBox cloud storage app/service that allows me to store files in the cloud AND synchronize my files across ALL my devices. DropBox even allows for sharing files with other DropBox users.

But what if the other person is not a DropBox user? If you want to receive a file to add to your DropBox directory from somebody who is not using DropBox, you have to go through the normal challenge of sending it via email (and praying it’s small enough), or using another download site where you are bombarded with a 5000 eleven ads, and other various un-solicited software to download. Once you get the file, you have to upload it DropBox yourself.

If you use DropBox heavy like me and need a simple way to receive files, check out AirDropper – the neat little service that allows you to receive files and send them directly to DropBox.

It works like this: You go to the AirDropper site and connect it to your DropBox account. Don’t worry, AirDropper does not access your files. It simply creates a secure upload site where the recipient of the site (the person you are requesting the file from) can upload the file you are requesting. Once you enter your email address and recipient’s email address and a brief description of the file, they are sent an email with the site where they upload the file.

Once they upload the file, AirDropper doesn’t send you the file to then upload to DropBox, it is actually uploading the file to your DropBox directory using a special “AirDropper” folder. You just go into the AirDropper folder and do what you want with the file. Once you receive the file, it is synched and made available to all your other devices running DropBox.

No software to download, no special instructions to send, no jumping through hoops to receive/get access to a file. The AirDropper service is currently in beta, so they are currently testing things out. One of the things they are aware of and working on is the ability to upload multiple files instead of just one at a time. One thing they are NOT working on is putting a cap on the size of the file you want to send. On the site, they claim to have sent/receive a 75mb file with hopes of supporting 100mb file transfers. So rest assured, it’s highly likely you will get that PowerPoint presentation you requested. Additionally, AirDropper promises secure file transfers to the tune of industry-standard SSL encryption at each stage of the request process. Once the file is sent, AirDropper does not store/archive any files. What you see in DropBox is the only copy out there!

I did mention it’s free (for now) to use AirDropper right?

If you are using DropBox, try them out and send feedback so those guys (and gals I’m assuming) can get out of beta and provide their hardcore users (I plan to be one) with a nice, smooth, and simple AirDropper service to receive files directly to DropBox.