Go Bluetooth Hands-free To Talk While Driving And To Avoid Fines

Here in Maryland, the state is putting into effect the “talking while driving law” (that’s what I call it) at the end of this month, that will come with a fine if a cop catches you talking on your phone while driving. Check the hands-free restrictions in your state HERE

if you don’t have wireless calling built into your ride, The alternative is to go bluetooth to make hands-free calls if you MUST talk while driving which I understand can be most of the time for a on-the-go small business owner/entrepreneur. So allow me to give you two bluetooth hands-free options.

Bluetooth Earpiece

You see them everywhere, now it’s time to give up your effort to NOT look silly with one those thingys in your ear all time even when you are not talking (I keep mine in the car for THIS specific reason). But you would be surprised at how cool some of them actually look in your ear.

Brands like Aliph Jawbone and Jabra make some really attractive Bluetooth earpieces that will allow you keep your dignity if you forget to take it out of your ear after a call. They can be pricey (100 bucks and up), but if you want to talk in style and not worry about the cops pulling you over, you should check them out. If looks don’t matter and you just want to comply, most bluetooth earbuds can be had at your local mobile phone/electronics store for 30 bucks and up.

Bluetooth Car Kits (In-car Speakerphones)

If you just CAN’T deal with the bluetooth piece in your ear, and don’t want to yank out and replace your stereo head unit with a bluetooth unit, you can opt to get a Bluetooth Car Kit. These gadgets can clip to your visor and allow you to talk away without putting a bluetooth in your ear. Some of the brands like Parrot & Jabra (pictured above) can stream music from your phone, download you contact list for voice dialing, and connect to you stereo via a built-in FM transmitter so you can hear the convo from your car’s speakers. These guys start at around 40 bucks and in my opinion are the way to go just to make sure you’re not a victim of a cop’s ticket quota fulfillment…Honestly, I don’t know if cops just write tickets just to meet some sort of quota, but you might as well keep that phone off your ear and not worry about it right?