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Adobe Releases PDF Creator for iPhone and iPad

If you don’t already know by now, PDF is the ideal file format for sending and receiving a professional document. Adobe created the format, so it makes sense that a product from Adobe would be used more than any other application that can do the same. Most of us use Adobe Acrobat on our desktop/laptop […]

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Handle PDF Documents With Ease Using Stanza for the iPad

PDF is the file format of choice for electronic documents.  It works on every major computing platform, it looks the same on everyone’s computer, and it even prints exactly the way you intended it. It’s no surprise that PDF is the most popular format choice for business documents around the world.  Like a good wine, […]

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SignMyPad App for iPad: eSign and Send PDF’s – No Printing Required

Normally when I do app reviews, I try to stay unbiased, cite the facts and point out how it can help you and your business. I will have to break character and say if you breathe air through your lungs, and get tired of downloading, signing, scanning, uploading and emailing (or faxing, if you live […]

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