My HP Palm Tablet Has a First Name…

…It’s T.o.u.c.h.Pad

(lame, but you got it).

HP plans to announce several WebOS-powered devices at a special event later today. Word on the street is that two smartphones and its long-awaited tablet will be announced.

PreCentral sent some folks over to cover the event, and while standing too close the “huddle” (I still have football on the brain), they overheard some rehearsals wherein the HP TouchPad name was mentioned (previously code-named Topaz). They were also able to get the scoop on some dimensions (1.5 pounds and 13mm thick), which mirrors the Apple iPad, but were “detained” before they could overhear any more goodies…When I say detained, they were probably just told to leave the area, but my way sounds better.

With all of the iPad 2 and Android Tablet news running ramped, will there be room for HP Palm to get some shine on their new tablet device? Even though the WebOS platform was well received and I think will be on par with the other platforms wrapped up in a tablet We will just have wait and for an official announcement.