Citrix Enteriprise Client Available on WebOS Tablet at Launch

Just to further point out that HP Palm is ready to put some “umph” into launching its first WebOS tablet since HP bought Palm last year, it was recently announced that the popular Citrix Receiver will be available on the HP TouchPad when it is released to the public.

From the Citrix Blog:

Citrix Receiver is a lightweight software client that will turn any webOS device into a powerful business tool by providing secure Enterprise access business desktops and any Windows, Web or SaaS application. The immediate benefit for webOS consumers is that Citrix will make webOS devices enterprise-ready by securely delivering access to the existing ecosystem of Windows based apps: Citrix Receiver will instantly enable new webOS devices for the enterprise!

That means with little hassle, companies can safely integrate webOS devices with the all of the IT polices and standards that will give end-users access business desktops, apps and docs that Citrix claims will “make you productive from anywhere on any device.”

Currently, the Citrix Reciever is a free app available on just about any mobile device/platorm (now including WebOS Tablets) and has reached over two million downloads. Their is also a free demo that you can use to see if there is room in your operation for virtual computing.