BlackBerry PlayBook Will Support Android Apps?

Word on the street is that RIM plans to give PlayBook users access to the rapidly-growing Android app library, but the apps reportedly will be developed internally and run on the BlackBerry OS.

Now this news if just rumor for now, but in my opinion, it would be a strange, weird, but smart move for RIM. If you ask me, apps are what make today’s mobile OS shine. If a platform doesn’t have the support of the developer community, it will have a hard time getting enough steam to make an impact. And let’s face it, BlackBerry app development is hanging in at Number 3 behind Apple (iOS) and Google (Android). If HP Palm can revive WebOS in the next couple of months, BlackBerry will fall even further behind.

With a great deal of effort behind the BlackBerry PlayBook, it would behoove RIM to get as many apps on it as possible, or at least offer accessibility to a larger library of apps found on Android devices.

But what do you think? Should RIM focus solely on improving their own developer relations, or should it jump on the juggernaut that is the Android app library?

via: Bloomberg