Looxcie is great for field Professionals

We’ve talked about the collaboration requirements of both office-bound professionals and the folks working out in the field.  While office-based collaboration is pretty straightforward, field collaboration is more unique and real-time oriented.  Field-based collaboration needs can be understood like this: how many times have you seen something amazing or catastrophic and said “man, I wish I had my video camera out”.  Now, imagine you’re on a construction site and there’s a serious accident.  It would be even more important to have gotten that on camera, right?  Unfortunately, it’s not realistic to walk around with a video recorder held out in front of you at all times.  You’re a contractor, not a photographer.  No problem…Looxcie to the rescue!

Looxcie is a wearable video camera that’s always recording.  Similar to a bluetooth headset, Looxcie hangs over your ear and records everything that you see as high definition video.  When something of interest happens you can easily capture the previous 30 seconds of footage.  You can even upload the video to YouTube with the touch of just one button-  it’s just that simple.  Looking at a repair or configuration that you’ve never seen before? Catch it on video, post it online and send the link to your team for advice.   Accident or unexpected happening on the job site? Catch it on video to protect your company’s interests.  Looxcie means never again saying “you should have seen it”.

Not only are these great for work, they’re great for play.  The next time you see something amazing, hit a great shot on the golf course or catch a fish THIS big, you can have it on YouTube in seconds and be the envy of your social network.