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Looxcie is great for field Professionals

We’ve talked about the collaboration requirements of both office-bound professionals and the folks working out in the field.  While office-based collaboration is pretty straightforward, field collaboration is more unique and real-time oriented.  Field-based collaboration needs can be understood like this: how many times have you seen something amazing or catastrophic and said “man, I wish […]

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Step your Team Collaboration up With Flowr

If your business involves working with a group of people remotely in different locations/parts of the world on a regular basis, collaboration may be the one aspect that gives you the most issues. The back-and-forth emails are simply not “cutting the mustard”. So if you’re looking for a more uniform way to work with your […]

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Mobilize SharePoint with Moprise for iPhone

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the giants in intranet file/content sharing, collaboration, and management. Moprise wants to get you from behind your desk and give you access to your SharePoint content no matter where you are. Moprise, which I am assuming is a mash-up of “mobile” and “enterprise” (which would make perfect sense) is a […]

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Stay On Top of Tasks with Producteev

There are SO many task managers out there, so I am not suggesting that you ditch whatever app, service, or method you use to keep you and/or your team’s tasks organized because I think this service is the holy grail of task managers. But you should be on the lookout for any tips, tricks, or […]

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5 reasons for video conferencing in your small business NOW!

With more businesses looking to cut costs and employ workers from anywhere, video-conferencing is becoming more justifiable then ever before. Just take a look at the recent iPhone4 and you’ll notice that Apple has recognized how important it is to enable callers to be able to see each other. In business, non-verbal communication clues can […]

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