Square Mobile Payment System Adds Key New Features

In my opinion, the easiest way for a small business owner to accept credit card transactions is via the Square service/credit card reader. Their is no merchant account needed, the transaction fees are very competitive, and you can easily swipe credit cards using the Square credit card reader that attaches to your iPhone or Android device via the headphone jack.

Square has stepped up its game and now makes the actual credit card experience better by making the transaction process faster. It has improved the transaction speed by eliminating a number of screens that slowed the process down. According to Square, an entire transaction can now be done in approximately four seconds.

Another cool new feature keeps Square in line with traditional credit card transactions, specifically, any charges under $25 dollars do not need a signature. So if you’re selling your product at an expo or other major event where the lines can build up on you fast, you can shave some time off each transaction now that no signature is required.

Finally, Square has made it easier for patrons to tip you for good service and to add $0.00 items if you want to keep track of items that a customer purchases that you may not charge for (inventory purposes).

Square in general just makes it easy for a small business owner who may not produce astronomical amounts of volume in sales per month, but still wants to make purchasing their goods/services easy for customers (like me) who don’t carry cash. Additionally, the Square app and credit card reader negates the need buy one of those mobile POS devices that always gets the receipt paper jambs. Now Square wants to improve its service to makeĀ  it easier for customers of small business owners to use the service as well.

For more information and how to get started using the service on your iPhone or Android, visit Square’s website.